Hey from Ina May! What's Up in February, March, and More

Hey from Ina May --

Welcome to Reinvention #44,879!

Dar Williams happened to see me play recently.  She wrote to me and said,  "You've got it going on! I love the brilliant simplicity of your new song Long Way to Go the Wrong Way…. Obviously this is a good reinvention."

Felt good to get the thumbs up from Dar on my reinvention.  Check it out for yourself.  Here's where:


1.  This Friday, Feb. 20, Songs of Greenwich Village, NYC
2.  Saturday, March 28, Kathryn's House Concert,  NYC
3.  Monday, February 23 at The Way Station, Brooklyn
Writing Workshops:
4.  Ongoing Wednesday Workshops, Upper West
5.  Teaching Songwriting
at Riverdale Country School and more
Johnny Mercer Show
6.  Ina May sings Mercer
with David Buskin (!)
(a new show, dates TBA)
More Stuff:
7.  June Residency in Cambridge, MA
8.  California

1.  Friday, Feb. 20, Songs of Greenwich Village, NYC
(212) 598-5946


I'm playing a solo feature set at 9 pm at this very warm and welcoming open mike.  Sign up around 8 and play or sing if you're into that sort of thing.  If not,  relax, eat Korean or Japanese food or have a drink or not, and cheer me on.   Texan Kelli King also featured.

2.  Saturday, March 28, Kathryn's House Concerts,  NYC - Don't miss it!
Kathryn's House Concerts
Laurie McClainhttp://www.lauriemcclain.com
Robyn Landis http://www.robynlandis.com

Ina May Woolhttp://www.inamaywool.com 
Doors 7pm, Music 8 pm
New York, NY
Price: $20

Kathryn says: Please reserve a seat-they are limited.RSVP to: kathryn_space@yahoo.com (put the artist as the subject) and we will send address information. Come and enjoy GREAT music in an intimate setting.

I've been enjoying Kathryn's House Concerts as a devoted fan for a couple of years now, and I've heard great shows by Sam Baker, Grant Peeples, David Massengill, Paul Sachs, Adam Levy, David Olney, Louise Mosrie, and Diana Jones all at this beautiful and comfortable Lower East Side spot.  Now it's my turn to play, and I'm sharing the show with two fabulous nationally touring singer-songwriters.   You won't regret stopping by, and I'd love to see you there! 

3.  Monday, February 23 at The Way Station, Brooklyn
The Way Station
683 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238
For fans of my duo with Bev Grant, this is the one to catch.

4.  Ongoing Wednesday Writing Workshops, Upper West

A recent participant writes: 
With gentle prompts and tight discipline, Ina May bumps and nudges her eclectic group of writers along a path of consistent creative exploration. Timed "rapid writes"--five to ten minutes on a given subject--conclude with writers sharing their work in an atmosphere of little criticism and lots of encouragement, emphasis always on generating creative juice, letting the ink flow and not worrying about editorial critique. Simply put, if you join this workshop, you will write!
-Tony Stonier.

Write to me at ina@inamaywool.com for more information. 

5.  Teaching Songwriting

at Riverdale Country School and Creative Writing Workshops for Senior Citizens

Bragging a bit: Heading into another songwriting course this spring for high school students at the prestigious Riverdale Country School in Riverdale, NY.  And there are ongoing creative writing and memoir workshops for senior citizens at other locations.  If you're interested, write here: ina@inamaywool.com

6.  Ina May sings Mercer
with David Buskin (!!)
(a new show, dates TBA)
Stay tuned for more.  This is new new new.  Includes a narrative about the life of Johnny Mercer and lots of his songs too.

7. June Residency in Cambridge, MA

Mondays in June at the Cantab Lounge with Geoff Bartley and other stellar players.  

8.  California
Know any good house concerts near LA or SF that might like to host a reinventing singer/songwriter? Please tell me more.  I'm researching a trip out west. ina@inamaywool.com

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for writing.  Stay warm and well!

Hope to see you soon.
-Ina May








 "Ina May - You've got it going on! I love the brilliant simplicity of your new song Long Way to Go the Wrong Way…. Obviously this is a good reinvention."


  • A few spots left and you're invited!
  • When? Wednesdays, January 14 and 28, February 11 and 25 (the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays) from 7 to 8:30.

  • Where? On the Upper West Side (please write to ina@inamaywool.com to sign up and get directions and more info)
  • What?  Have fun and develop your writing voice and fluency with prompts and games to inspire short writing bursts during the session
  • What else?  Read and listen to others read.  Open up your craft.
  • What for? Helpful if you want to write lyrics, a memoir, poetry, stories, or nonfiction.


Doing the IMW solo thing tonight at Rockwood as one of The Nine, an extremely musical and friendly bunch of songwriters, founded and based in D.C. and apt to pop up all over.  Snow is predicted but not til well after we wrap up.  Come on over!

Hey from Ina May! What's Up in December/January?

What's up in December and January?

Hey from Ina May!

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Hey Friends,  I hope you have some fun and brightness in the month ahead.   Only connect! That's what I say.  Meanwhile I've got all kinds of writing going on and a few choice shows to tell you about.  Read on.

1.  New Writing Group/January-February
2.  At the Rockwood Solo

     with the Nine/Monday, Dec. 8

3.  WOOL&GRANT/Dec. 18/Songs of Greenwich Village
4.  2nd Fridays Smashbang Closing Party/Jan. 9
5.  Laura Nyro Tribute/Jan. 15

1.  New Writing Group/January-February

A midweek burst of creative fun and camaraderie.  If you want to give your writing practice a boost in the new year along with other like-minded writers, please get in touch via ina@inamaywool.com for information and to save your place. (Manhattan location, 7:00 to 8:30, 4 Wednesdays)  More about my workshops: http://www.inamaywool.com/workshops/

2.  At the Rockwood Solo
     with the Nine/Monday, Dec. 8

My second show at the Rockwood with the songwriting collective based in D.C. and known as The Nine.  I'll be doing a small superset of songs (a short subset? a solo singfest?) and would love it if you'd stop by. The first show I did with this talented group was deliciously musical fun. 

Monday, December 8th, 7 pm
Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 3)(downstairs)
196 Allen St, New York, NY 10002, $10

Tickets and more info: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/718543
Jes Hudak
Bryan Dunn
Justin Trawick
Ina May Wool
Abby Ahmad
Markeisha Ensley
Greg Smith
Andy Mac
Jacqueline Francis

3.  WOOL&GRANT/Dec. 18/Songs of Greenwich Village

Bev Grant and I (a.k.a. WOOL&GRANT) will rock you at Songs of Greenwich Village at Choga.  We bring our unlikely but affable combination of politically progressive and sensitive singer/songwriter songs to the feature set at Ed and Greta Tristram's series at the unlikely but lovable location of a Korean/Japanese restaurant next door and upstairs from the Bitter End.  It all has to be seen and heard to be believed. You can sign up and take a turn at the open mike that follows our set if you so desire. 
Songs of Greenwich Village at Choga
featuring WOOL&GRANT 
Thursday, December 18, 8 pm
145 Bleecker St.
New York, NY
Price: $5 suggested donation

Delicious Korean and Japanese food available. 

4.  2nd Fridays Smashbang Closing Party/Jan. 9
Two Moon is closed but there will be one final smashbang smorgasbord of shmoozing singers and songwriters on Friday, January 9th around the corner from Two Moon.   Cameo appearances by a cavalcade of chirps TBA.  So far count on Carolann Solebello, WOOL&GRANT, Honor Finnegan, and David Massengill.   

Friday, January 9, 8PM
Brooklyn Colony - Breuckelen Colony www.brooklyncolony.com 
located on 4th Avenue and Garfield Place in Brooklyn

5.  Laura Nyro Tribute/Jan. 15

Last year I sang at a sold out and superb Joni Mitchell tribute show.  Looking forward to being part of this Laura Nyro celebration put together by the same phenom, Ms. Louise Crawford.  Don't miss it!

New York Tendaberry:
The Iconic Songs and Life of Laura Nyro

The Old Stone House Historic Interpretive Ctr
336 3rd St, Brooklyn, New York 11215
A celebration of singer/songwriter Laura Nyro (1947-1997) with Amy BurtonLauren FoxIna May WoolJanie BarnettNancy O GrahamJennifer Lewis BennettDebbie Deane, Grace Cosgrove, Don CummingsErika AmatoTim Moore and Special Guests. Including the songs: Wedding Bell Blues, Stony End, Sweet Blindness, Goodbye Joe, Poverty Train, Upstairs by a Chinese Lamp, Lonely Woman, Billy's Blues, Brown Earth and more.
Thank you thank you thank you for reading thus far.  Share with friends and family if you'd like to help spread the word.

See you out there!

-Ina May


Let's Pretend


On the second and fourth Mondays of the month I head out to New Jersey to spend an hour with a group who are upwards of 70, 80, and 90 years of age.  We sit around a table in the card room of their residence.  We talk and write and read to each other, laugh a lot, and sometimes wipe away some tears. 


Sometimes we listen to music or look at pictures to get us started.  This week I thought my friends might enjoy a prompt from a book called Room to Write by Bonni Goldberg.  We’re always told to write what we know, she says, but how about if we start with what we know and build on it?  LIke Emily Bronte who sat in a room and wrote with limited experience and unlimited imagination.  Write about something you’ve never done as if you had.


What should we name it?  Suggestions were called out.  “Let’s Pretend” won.  I set the timer for ten minutes, and we were off. Looking around I saw ten pieces of paper filling up with words and ten heads bent down over ten hands writing fast.


Ok.  Time to read.


This group has been going for a year and a half, so many here have practice in free writing.  At first it was hard to get the writing going.  This particular prompt proved to be magic. 


We started with B.  She began to read a tale from the point of view of a child living on a farm in Nigeria.  (In previous pieces she’d written about her own childhood on a farm Upstate during the Depression.) Her African characters were poor but always had food because they were farmers, much as in her own experience.   Then the story took off as the parents die of an Ebola-like disease and the children set off to find a better life. They’re seized by a gang that tries to turn them into soldiers, and finally the eldest heads into the jungle to escape his captors, but his siblings refuse to join him.  All in a 10-minute writing!


Next J., whose prose is always elegant and cogent, writes in the voice of an astronaut.  “I have trained for two years for this day.”  Much detail about the clothes, the weightlessness, the equipment, the thrill of seeing the Earth from so many different angles.  Good, vivid writing.  Especially imaginative since J. fears heights so much she won’t sit in a theater balcony!


E. writes such a realistic account of skydiving that we all ask, “Did you really go skydiving?”  “No, but I wanted to, ” she says vehemently.   I love the part about how she’s up in the plane and decides she doesn’t want to go through with it.  But she’s already strapped to her instructor, the door is opened, and they’re tumbling down.  How quiet it is!  How she feels like a bird!


Other stories: A.,a children’s book author, writes about her fictional career as a doctor.


E., who in fact escaped from an Eastern European country the day before the Germans rolled in at the beginning of the Second World War, writes about flying in a hot air balloon and a helicopter over New York with characteristic grace and humor.


The final story by S. is the capper.  “I am 5’8” and slender,” she begins, and everyone breaks into delighted laughter.  “I enjoy shopping for clothes”  - guffaws - “So yesterday I went to the mall.  Good!  They have size 8.”  We’re now all helplessly, raucously hysterical, sharing in this, the most extreme fantasy yet.  “I bring a lovely green pants suit into the fitting room and decide to try the pants on first.  Oh no!  They come up to my ankles -- too short!”  A wry smile on her face above all 4 feet 11 inches of her.


“You know what it is about this class,” one of my writing buddies says.  “You make us think.”


In the past year I’ve taught creative writing and songwriting workshops for high school age students at Riverdale Country School, for the Tribes Hill music collective in Westchester, for Feel the Music at the Lenox Senior Center in NYC, and at the 5 Star Residence in Teaneck, NJ.  If you have a group that might be interested in a workshop or if you know about similar programs or groups where writing like this might fit, please drop me a line at ina.may@verizon.net.  



The Nine

"One of the best singer-songwriters around"


“One of the best singer-songwriters around,” writes Thomas Staudter, long-time New York Times contributor, in an article last week in The Gazette (Croton-on-Hudson, NY) "[Her albums] offer listeners the kind of heart-stopping songs that you find on albums from Jackson Browne, Nanci Griffith and Lucy Kaplansky, three masters of the craft who know how to forge experiences, personal and otherwise, together with winning melodies and heartfelt singing to create an art that both moves and satisfies.”





Last Night's Show

Last night at the Ferry Sloops Benefit Concert, a Tribute to Pete Seeger, in Ossining, NY.  This is me with Abigail and Lily Chapin, Chris Grieco (who organized the show), and Paul Sachs.  Daddy Tom Chapin also stopped by to play and sing with us. Great night!

TONIGHT at 6PM in Ossining

Concert for the River/Shattemuc Yacht Club

Ferry Sloops Concert for the River -Tribute to Pete Seeger6 pm

1 Westerly Rd
Ossining, NY 10562

Featuring Ina May Wool, Paul Sachs, and the Chapin Sisters

Potluck - Lots of Music - Hope to see you there!


Three chances to share music today!

WOOL&GRANT 2:20 PM De Colores Garden/8th St. between B & C/NYC 

INA MAY WOOL solo 4 pm De Colores Garden/8th St. between B & C/NYC

WOOL&GRANT 7 pm Two Moon Cafe/4th Ave/2nd & 3rd, Bklyn/Pre-climate march singout with Professor Louie, Mya Bryne, Paul Sachs, and more

Please see the calendar page on this site for more details.

What's Up in September/October?

Hey there friends,  Hope you had a great summer! I was busy teaching at Manhattan School of Music and that was exhilarating.  I also played  at a couple of festivals with WOOL&GRANT and heard lots of wonderful music. 

I'm excited about my solo show with PAUL SACHS and the CHAPIN SISTERS on October 11 in Ossining.
It's a benefit for Ferry Sloops, a non-profit, environmental sailing organization that inspires people to appreciate and protect one of our country's greatest resources, the magnificent Hudson River

Saturday, 10/11 
Concert for the River/Shattemuc Yacht Club
Ferry Sloops Concert for the River
Ossining, NY

Featuring Ina May Wool, Paul Sachs http://www.paulsachs.com,
and the Chapin Sisters www.thechapinsisters.com/

Learn more and order tix: http://www.ferrysloops.org/event.php?id=168

And I'm thrilled to be asked back to the TRIBES HILL www.tribes hill.com songwriting workshop in Hartsdale, NY.  That's coming right up on three Sunday afternoons (10/5, 10/12 & 10/19).

In my three sessions of this great series, we'll play mostly with words, so singing or playing an instrument is not necessary.  We'll do short bursts of writing from prompts, read to each other, listen to classic songs, and get into the process.  Expect inspiration, fun, and skill building too.  

The workshop will be great for you if you've never written before and would like to get started, or for a recharge if you're a more experienced writer.  If you do have songs in progress and would like some gentle, constructive feedback,  bring those.

Feel free to write to me with any questions ina@inamaywool.com. There's more info at http://www.inamaywool.com/workshops/
To register and for questions about the series, email Steve at ideaseeds@gmail.com and write "songwriting" in the header

FYI: You might know John Dillon and Viv Nesbitt from their Art of the Song radio program heard on over 150 public radio stations across North America.  I’m honored that John and Viv have invited me to be one of the artists featured in the Standing O Project, an online community that gives fans a wealth of music & interviews, and supports working musicians with a monthly income. Check it out at StandingOProject.com 

Please take a look at the calendar page for all the info on other gigs coming up:

This Friday, 9/12, Two Moon Art House & Cafe, Park Slope

Saturday, 9/20, Afternoon, Lungs Harvest Arts Festival, 8th St. (B/C, NYC)

Saturday, 9/20, Evening, Sing Out for People's Climate March, Two Moon

Hope to see you soon!

-Ina May

Tonight on Bleecker Street!

Playing a solo set tonight at 9!  I'm the feature at Songs of Greenwich Village, located at Choga, 145 Bleecker Street, 1 flight up.  Come on over.

October 5/Tribes Hill Lyric Writing Workshop Begins


Hey Friends, 

I've been asked back to the Tribes Hill Songwriting Workshop Series.  For four Sunday afternoons starting September 21st, I'll be leading a group in Hartsdale, New York.  We'll play with free writing and lyrics, listen to songs and talk about them, and write and play some more.  

For lots more details, click over to the Workshop page on this site.  

Hope you can join us!

-Ina May




Happy June!
We've got new shows and workshops coming right up. Here are the details:


Sunday, June 22, 2-5 pm

Kathryn's House Concerts Presents

Ina May Wool's Creative Writing Workshop

on the Lower East Side of Manhattan

Join us for writing games and prompts to kickstart your imagination and create fresh new work.

Please write to me with any questions, to reserve a place for yourself, and to get the exact address. ina@inamaywool.com

See the workshop page on inamaywool.com for more details.

Sunday June 8

At the People's Music Network Summer Gathering, http://peoplesmusic.org/

ina May leads a workshop:
Creating with Words: Art, Healing, and Empowerment

Ina May Wool and Bev Grant (WOOL&GRANT) will be playing at various times during the weekend.


Friday, June 13th
Two Moon Art House & Cafe
2nd Fridays at Two Moon - 8 pm

315 4th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215 718 499 0460
Price: $10 suggested donation
WOOL&GRANT and Carolann Solebello with
Special Guest: Robin Greenstein

Friday, July 11th, 2014
Two Moon Art House & Cafe
2nd Fridays at Two Moon - 8 pm
315 4th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215 718 499 0460
Price: $10 suggested donation
WOOL&GRANT and Carolann Solebello with
Special Guest: Jeremy Mage

Huntington Folk Festival
Saturday, July 19, 2014
WOOL&GRANT at the Huntington Folk Festival - 3:15 pm
Heckscher Park (Main St. Rt 25A and Prime Avenue Huntington NY 11743 US 631-425-2925



Happy Spring!

Ok, so it's pretty cold and blustery hereabouts but I have seen the crocuses and the jonquils and a few hardy fruit trees blossoming, and I do believe the season is here.

Just finished teaching a lyric-writing course at Riverdale Country School which I really enjoyed.  It was part of a creative writing course in the high school there taught by the multi-talented Sarah Banks. (Sarah is also a fantastic violinist.)  We listened to some classic songs and some of the kids' current favorites, and we did a lot of writing.  It was fun getting to know what some highly intelligent 16-year-olds are listening to these days.  (There were plenty of surprises and some very excellent new writing too.)

WOOL&GRANT had a fine foray into New England on our tour last month. Thanks so much for cheering us on.

We were also very happy to be included in the one-day NERFA showcase in New Jersey at the beginning of this month.  A smile fest all around. 

Coming up there are some great shows and workshops I hope you'll join in on.  Check out the calendar page.  I just updated it so you can see more detail there.  This Friday (4/18) WOOL&GRANT is at the Two Moon Art House & Cafe in Brooklyn with Carolann Solebello and Elisa Peimer. In May I'm leading some writing workshops, and WOOL&GRANT will be featured at the 11th Annual Mamapalooza Outdoor Extravaganza at Pier 1 (70th Street) on May 18th. More on the calendar page.

Last and not least - if you'd like to get my email newsletters, please sign up http://eepurl.com/NRxw1.  If you used to be on the list and didn't mean to jump off, do the same http://eepurl.com/NRxw1.  I have a new mail service and they want people to confirm their interest.  If you get a message that says you're already signed up, that's all to the good.  They just want proof I'm not spamming.  And I would love to keep you in the loop.


Ina May 

 Ina May sings the blues at NERFA NJ



Thursday, March 27 LIVE at 11:00am on talkingalternative.com the Music Power Hour with Austin Marolla and Sloan Wainwright with special guest, the wonderfully talented singer-songwriter, Ina May Wool!

This just in

JUST ANNOUNCED: WOOL&GRANT have been selected to showcase at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) One Day Conference in New Jersey on Saturday, April 5th. All right!


Musicians and Family at Rob Morsberger TributeThank you thank you thank you for all your warm support in the very cold month of February. Thanks for cheering WOOL&GRANT on at John Platt's On Your Radar show on the 11th on the big stage at the Rockwood Music Hall.  What a night!

Thank you too for sharing the joy of Rob Morsberger's music at the Songwriters' Beat tribute to my late friend on the 20th.  I sang his Relativity Blues Waltz with Janie Barnett accompanying me beautifully on piano, and many other musical friends brought Rob's songs alive in style. We felt that he WAS alive in the room with all the love and connection and spirit of the music.

WOOL&GRANT will be celebrating Women's History Month with a whole bunch of great shows.  There are lots more details on the calendar page but here's a brief rundown.  Hope to see you!

March 8 People's Voice Cafe with women's music icon Alix Dobkin (Manhattan)

March 14 Two Moon Art House & Cafe w/Carolann Solebello and Jerry Mitnick (Brooklyn)

March 15 Puffin Cultural Forum (Teaneck, NJ)

March 19 Live on Music of the People, WMCB 107.9 FM 4-6 PM (Greenfield, MA)

March 21 Live on the Bill Newman Show, WHMP 1400 AM 9-10 AM (Northampton, MA)

March 21 House Concert (Northampton, MA)

March 22 Songwriting Workshop by Ina May (2 pm)(Stratham, NH)

March 22 House concert (W&G)(8 pm)(Stratham, NH)

March 23 Newton Lower Falls House Concert (3 pm)(Newton, MA)

March 24 Cantab Lounge with Geoff Bartley

and last but definitely not least

March 30 First Acoustics with the Boxcar Lilies Voted No. 1 - Falcon Ridge Folk Festival’s ‘Most Wanted’ Emerging Artists (3 pm) (Brooklyn, NY)


Welcome to my new site! It’s been a long time coming,and though it’s not 100% complete, there’s a lot here already that I’m eager for you to see. Take a look around. The collage with me and the elephants and the moon was created by Tim Robinson. Tim’s not only a brilliant songwriter but also a well-known visual artist, and I love this piece he made for me. The photo in the collage was taken by the talented Rachel Miranda.

There are some exciting performances coming up, and the first one is Tuesday, February 11th. My new duo, WOOL&GRANT, is playing a set at John Platt's On Your Radar at the Rockwood Music Hall. Also playing: the group Darlingside and singer/songwriter, Meg Hutchinson. Lots more info on the calendar page.


New Website!

Welcome to my newly renovated website at www.inamaywool.com! 

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