Hey from Ina May! What's Up in February, March, and More

 Hey from Ina May --

Welcome to Reinvention #44,879!

Dar Williams happened to see me play recently.  She wrote to me and said,  "You've got it going on! I love the brilliant simplicity of your new song Long Way to Go the Wrong Way…. Obviously this is a good reinvention."

Felt good to get the thumbs up from Dar on my reinvention.  Check it out for yourself.  Here's where:

1.  This Friday, Feb. 20, Songs of Greenwich Village, NYC
2.  Saturday, March 28, Kathryn's House Concert,  NYC
3.  Monday, February 23 at The Way Station, Brooklyn
Writing Workshops:
4.  Ongoing Wednesday Workshops, Upper West
5.  Teaching Songwriting
at Riverdale Country School and more
Johnny Mercer Show
6.  Ina May sings Mercer
with David Buskin (!)
(a new show, dates TBA)
More Stuff:
7.  June Residency in Cambridge, MA
8.  California

1.  Friday, Feb. 20, Songs of Greenwich Village, NYC
(212) 598-5946


I'm playing a solo feature set at 9 pm at this very warm and welcoming open mike.  Sign up around 8 and play or sing if you're into that sort of thing.  If not,  relax, eat Korean or Japanese food or have a drink or not, and cheer me on.   Texan Kelli King also featured.

2.  Saturday, March 28, Kathryn's House Concerts,  NYC - Don't miss it!
Kathryn's House Concerts
Laurie McClainhttp://www.lauriemcclain.com
Robyn Landis http://www.robynlandis.com

Ina May Woolhttp://www.inamaywool.com 
Doors 7pm, Music 8 pm
New York, NY
Price: $20

Kathryn says: Please reserve a seat-they are limited.RSVP to: kathryn_space@yahoo.com (put the artist as the subject) and we will send address information. Come and enjoy GREAT music in an intimate setting.

I've been enjoying Kathryn's House Concerts as a devoted fan for a couple of years now, and I've heard great shows by Sam Baker, Grant Peeples, David Massengill, Paul Sachs, Adam Levy, David Olney, Louise Mosrie, and Diana Jones all at this beautiful and comfortable Lower East Side spot.  Now it's my turn to play, and I'm sharing the show with two fabulous nationally touring singer-songwriters.   You won't regret stopping by, and I'd love to see you there! 

3.  Monday, February 23 at The Way Station, Brooklyn
The Way Station
683 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238
For fans of my duo with Bev Grant, this is the one to catch.

4.  Ongoing Wednesday Writing Workshops, Upper West

A recent participant writes: With gentle prompts and tight discipline, Ina May bumps and nudges her eclectic group of writers along a path of consistent creative exploration. Timed "rapid writes"--five to ten minutes on a given subject--conclude with writers sharing their work in an atmosphere of little criticism and lots of encouragement, emphasis always on generating creative juice, letting the ink flow and not worrying about editorial critique. Simply put, if you join this workshop, you will write!
-Tony Stonier.

Write to me at ina@inamaywool.com for more information. 

5.  Teaching Songwriting
at Riverdale Country School and Creative Writing Workshops for Senior Citizens

Bragging a bit: Heading into another songwriting course this spring for high school students at the prestigious Riverdale Country School in Riverdale, NY.  And there are ongoing creative writing and memoir workshops for senior citizens at other locations.  If you're interested, write here: ina@inamaywool.com

6.  Ina May sings Mercer
with David Buskin (!!)
(a new show, dates TBA)
Stay tuned for more.  This is new new new.  Includes a narrative about the life of Johnny Mercer and lots of his songs too.

7. June Residency in Cambridge, MA
Mondays in June at the Cantab Lounge with Geoff Bartley and other stellar players.  

8.  California
Know any good house concerts near LA or SF that might like to host a reinventing singer/songwriter? Please tell me more.  I'm researching a trip out west. ina@inamaywool.com

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for writing.  Stay warm and well!

Hope to see you soon.
-Ina May