Feb '20 - New Songs/Old Friends/Big Old Update


New Songs/Old Friends/Feb.13

As you might know, I got hit by an SUV on the way to a gig in October of 2018. After surgery for broken bones in my lower left leg, a couple of months in rehab, and a whole lotta PT, medical massage, and the kindness of strangers and friends, I'm ready to play and very grateful for that. Last year at this time, I couldn't walk without a walker! Now I'm delighted to invite you to a beautiful show on Thursday, February 13, in Brooklyn. My friends Carolann Solebello and Abbie Gardner will be in the round with me, and we'll each do our own songs. I've been writing this whole time and hearing Carolann and Abbie's new tunes too. They're both strong and surprising songwriters and performers and world-class human beings on top of all that. That's host Carolann on the upper left and co-host Devlin Miles upper left. This is gonna be fun! - Ina May