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Ina May Wool is a New York based singer-songwriter with blues and country and lots of touring in her background.  She plays guitar and mandolin, writes award-winning songs, and sings in a powerful voice that goes effortlessly from a shout to a whisper.  "One of my favorite New York songwriters." John Platt, WFUV

Ina May Wool

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Ina May Wool began singing and playing guitar with a country and blues band out of her home state of Massachusetts.  The Ina May Wool Band played everywhere from clubs and folk festivals to concerts opening for Tom Rush, Maria Muldaur, Taj Mahal, Orleans, and many more. She now sings solo, has added mandolin to the mix, and writes everything from stomping raveups to reflective, poetic, and often wryly humorous songs.  She lives in a musical space all her own and is currently putting together a new recording that does justice to her particular amalgamation of Americana and American popular song.   Now based in New York City, Ina May has released two award-winning solo CD’s - Moon Over 97th Street in 1999 and Crack It Open in 2004. Her duo recording, WOOL&GRANT, was recently nominated for Best New Folk album by the Just Plain Folks Organization.  And yes, that is her real name.


Upcoming Shows

Previous events


Tuesday Night Music Club hosted by Emily Duff

Cowgirl NYC, 519 Hudson St. (Hudson & 10th St.), New York, NY

I'll be playing a half hour set and so will Jim Allen and Tom Clark.  Emily Duff hosts and plays some of her songs too.  HIGLY RECOMMENDED show to check out.  Cowgirl is a friendly bar/restaurant and the food's good too.


The Jack Hardy 6th Annual Songwriter’s Exchange 2017

De Colores Community Yard & Cultural Center, 307 E. 8th Street, New York, NY

Music from my friends in the Songwriters' Exchange from noon to about 6:30 in a beautiful garden on the Lower East Side on Saturday, September 23. I'm playing a few songs at about 2:40. Come on out and join us! 12:00 Paul Sachs 12:20 Michael Veitch 12:40 Glen Raphael ? 1:00 Pamela Gregory 1:20 Mike Glick 1:40 David Massengill 2:00 Bev Grant 2:20 Steve Schalchlin 2:40 Ina May Wool 3:00 John Hodel John Hodel 3:20 Rick Snyder Rick Snyku 3:40 Jon Naberezny 4:00 Frank Mazzetti 4:20 Michelle Biagi 4:40 Dana McCoy 5:00 Mark Aaron James 5:20 Chris Fuller 5:40 Ed Tristram and Greta Ed Tristram 6:00 Lisa Markley and Bruce Balmer


Radigan Roundup

Radigan Roundup at Hooked on 12th, 1123 8th Ave., Brooklyn, NY

I'll be playing a 20-minute set some time between 7:30 and 10:15, exact time TBD.  The enormously talented Terry Radigan hosts and sings and plays her own songs too.  She assembles a different crew of songwriters and players for each Roundup, and they are the cream of the NYC crop.  Well-known songwriters from music capitals beyond our fair city drop in to play from time to time too.  I'm extremely honored to be included in this crew.  The food and drinks are excellent.  (Hooked on 12th is located at the site of the former 12th Street Grill in Park Slope.)

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