Hey from Ina May/Harlem/NERFA/Thank you!


Hello Music Lovers -
Join me when I play a set at the Shrine in Harlem on Sunday (10/29) afternoon. New tunes, new instruments, genial hosts Ed and Greta Tristram! Details below.

I skipped a few years of the annual NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance) conference, but I'll be back in November. Looking forward to seeing and hearing new and old friends. And I'm very excited to be playing in the round with my massively talented buddies, Carolann Solebello and Abbie Gardner on Friday night of the conference.  If you're attending, I hope we can catch up there. More showcases and all details below.

If you've just joined my list, thanks so much for coming aboard. 

Much gratitude to Emily Duff for including me in the wild and wacky wonderland that is the Cowgirl Tuesday Night Music Club.  It was Emily herself, Jim Allen, Tom Clark, and I,  all sharing songs.  What a night!

Huge thanks to the Marblehead, Massachusetts gang I got to hang out with and play for in October.
with love and much music to you,
Ina May
Write to me at ina@inamaywool.com

The Shrine World Music Venue
Sunday, October 29, 3-5 pm

2271 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd
I'll be playing the open mike feature. You can sign up to play at 3.  Ed and Greta Tristram open the show and host the evening.  Then I play a set for about a half hour followed by the open mike.   From their site: "Shrine is a multimedia arts and culture venue...dedicated to art and culture in all mediums."I hear the food's good too.

NERFA 2017
Stamford, CT
Thursday, November 9
New Faces & New Songs. Rm 2080
I play 11:15-11:30 pm
Friday Night, November 10
Cup of Joe, Rm 2065
My set is in the round with Carolann Solebello and Abbie Gardner from 12:45 - 1:30 am
Saturday, November 11
Fool's Hill, Rm. 2064
I play from 12:15 to 12:30. I recommend coming early for my set so you can hear Cosy Sheridan at midnight!