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Hey from Ina May, February 2021


Dear Friends, 

I hope 2021 is starting off in the very best way for you. I have two great big pieces of news to tell: 

1. I’m making a new recording!!! (More soon.)


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Aug '20 - Register for Inspiring Song Workshops

Hey from Ina May ~ August 2020

Hey Friends,

How are you holding up? I hope you’re staying well.

I’ve been doing lots of writing and teaching, walking in the park and taking pictures, cooking and eating, and Zooming myself…

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Jul '20 - New Songwriting Workshops

Hey from Ina May — July 2020


Hello Friends - 

My spring songwriting workshop was heartwarming and a perfect antidote to the madness. Are you having trouble focusing on new writing? Are you stuck on half-finished projects? Or have you…

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