HEY FROM INA MAY ~ August 2023

Me sitting in with A Gathering Of Voices last week at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC (photo by Kathryn Bloss)

To the gig to the gig to the gig gig gig -

We had fun last week at the Rockwood (see photo above). A different gig just as much fun next Tuesday...come on over and hear a bunch of songs from me and some old friends and a new one too. Mark Aaron James, Carolann Solebello, Suzahn Fiering, and I will be in the round on Tuesday, August 15, from about 7–9 pm. You can be part of the audience at Milliron Studios, 152 West 36th Street Suite 506, NYC, and we’d love to see you there. But you can also stream it. Click the "in the round" graphic. All good.

Click me!

Last week I had the odd but totally joyous experience of singing with a co-writer I’d never met in person before. Linda McRae started coming to the Jack Hardy Songwriters Exchange when it was moved to Zoom, and after a while she and I began a regular co-write together. Linda lives in Nashville. Last week she was in town, and we sang our song “King of the Ashes” at the Rockwood. A fabulous time was had by all! We even went out for tacos afterward. It was kind of like the beforetimes, y’know?

Songwriters Exchange represents after the Rockwood show last week. (L to R: Kathryn Bloss, me, Carolann Solebello, Linda McRae, and Paul Sachs) (photo by Mark Berube) 

So let’s share some music…while we keep away from Covid, the best we can.  

with love and affection,  
Ina May