HEY FROM INA MAY ~ September 2023

(photo by Sarah Banks)

Hey Friends,

Coupla gigs at the end of the month. Come on out and say hello.   
Friday, Sept. 22 • 7 pm

The first is at Moving Body Salon, a new venue for me…and it looks like fun. Cross genre fooling around. Dancing, poetry, and various forms of artistic expression. In Chelsea. I will do a few songs and…uh…answer questions. Well la dee da. 


Saturday, Sept. 30 • 12:30 pm – 6 pm • FREE ADMISSION

The second is the twelfth annual Jack Hardy Songwriters Exchange concert at the De Colores Garden on 8th St. between B and C as part of the LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival. This stalwart crew of songwriters has been meeting on Zoom throughout Covid. It’s good to let us out of our caverns and hideaways and dark musty corners once a year to say hey amongst the flowers and trees. It’s a creative cohort that ranges in age from 20 to 80 or so (!), and I dearly love all of them, so stop by. Don’t be fooled. We are NOT in Tompkins Square Park but nearby….We'll be in the community garden on 8th Street. Small but mighty! (Poster design by Carolann Solebello.)

Happy New Year to those who celebrate!

with love and affection,
Ina May


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