Hey from Ina May ~ October 2022

On the North Shore of Boston • Photo by Rose Wool

Hello my friends, 

Thanks so much for all the good wishes for my show in Marblehead, MA, last month at Me&Thee Music. It was sold out! Deep thanks to all who were there. Thanks to Jeanie Stahl and Mason Daring for inviting me, and to Richard Gates on bass, and gratitude to all for sharing their heart-stirring music. Thank you, Anthony Silva, and all the volunteers at Me&Thee Music. And thanks to Cliff Garber for this photo from the show:

I have another show coming right up as part of the L.U.N.G.S. Harvest Festival on the Lower East Side of NYC. Here’s all the info on that one:

Poster by Kathryn Bloss

Amidst all the madness going on in the world, I hope you find some autumnal joy. And if you’re not yet registered to vote in Roevember, or if you want to help others get registered, here’s a link: 


With affection, 

Ina May