Hey from Ina May ~ August 2022

🎶  Live Concert!  🎶 

Friday, September 9, 2022 
• 7:30 pm •
Me & Thee Music, Marblehead, MA


Dear Friends, 

Ah the duality of life! 

1. From Me&Thee Music in Marblehead, Massachusetts: 

"Just Added! Ina May Wool will open for Mason Daring and Jeanie Stahl on Sept. 9th as we kick off our 53rd Season! No-fee tickets & info at: meandthee.org

This will be my first indoor in-person show since the plague slithered up on our shores lo these many months ago! Many safety protocols are in place and that makes me happy. Hope to see you - vaccinated, masked, and socially distanced - if you’re anywhere nearby. That would make me even happier. 

I’ll be opening for Mason Daring and Jeanie Stahl – long-time local faves with big-time impressive credits – and I’m told the show will sell out. For more on Me&Thee Music, Mason and Jeanie, and to buy tix while they last: 

2. For reasons perhaps too boring to enumerate, I have to cancel my online show scheduled for August 9. I’m disappointed, but there will be others down the road; I’ll let you know when. “Musicians lead complicated lives,”  according to The New Yorker, and I would tend to agree. 

Thanks so much for reading and watching. Stay well! 

Ina May

Photo by Tracy Gold

Photo by Pascale Jutard. Collage by Tim Robinson. 
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