Rewrite the Ending

Ina May Wool

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OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: OCT 1, 2021 • On the way to a gig in October of 2018 an SUV plowed into me as I was crossing the street on foot. When I got out of the hospital after surgery for broken leg bones, I spent a couple of months in rehab, and I attended the Songwriter's Exchange weekly meetings online. My new songs kept piling up. Then came the pandemic. I got hit with a strong hankering to tell my story and to reconnect with the musical world. I realized I’d have to handle the recording on my own while the virus raged all over the planet. With the encouragement and help of Carolann Solebello, Sloan Wainwright, and Mark Dann, I chose 12 of the 67 songs and learned how to record myself for this project. I am so proud to share this music with you. Wool writes excellent songs and sings with passion.

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