From the recording Rewrite the Ending


Rewrite the Ending

The beginning of my book is over and done
Much too late for me to die young
Not much I can do about Chapter One
But i can rewrite the ending

After blue Chapter 2, Chapter 3’s pretty tame
But I’m adding an index and I’m taking names
i’ve done lots of research but I’m not ashamed
I’m gonna rewrite the ending

Chapter 4 is surprising, Chapter 5’s a hot mess
Chapter numbers keep rising
How high they go
is anyone’s guess

Gonna come to a grand conclusion
Give that plot a twist
After all my confusion
I think I might just be getting the gist

I keep writing my story a little more every day
Never thought I’d ever have quite so much to say
It’s a true new life story of an old Ina May
And I’m gonna rewrite the ending
Hey boys I’m working on the ending
Hey girls it’s a brand new ending
I’m gonna rewrite the ending