From the recording Rewrite the Ending


Back in the Pool

Everybody back in the pool
We’re gonna swim a little bit
everybody playin it cool
out on a limb a little bit
roly poly oh no is that me
holy moly not what I wanna be
I decided to dip a toe
thought i would let you know
i’m back in the pool

everybody back in the car
we’ll motorvate down that hill
everybody you know who you are
we can’t stand so still
dilly dally whatchoo waiting for
shilly shally can’t wait anymore
gettin back into some kind of lane
even if we are half insane
get back in the pool

everybody gettin so old
if you get to live
everybody gettin so old
consider the alternative

Everybody back on the ice
we’re gonna skate a little bit
fall down once
get up twice
might be late a little bit
but topsy turvey it’s a mixed up world
shmopsey shmurvey you’re a grown up girl
shilly shally dilly dally
back in the pool
roly poly holy moly
everybody’s a fool
slippin up on the ice
gettin up way more than twice