From the recording Rewrite the Ending


Cigarettes and Chocolate Candy

Cigarettes and chocolate candy
That means Mom to me
She kept watching Frank Sinatra
and Sid Caesar on tv
She was a rebel
Never quite got free

Went to art school
on the streetcar
Still she lived at home
Never moved out
til she married
Never lived alone

She loved Rembrandt
and Picasso
Andy Warhol too
She kept drawing
She loved painting
Til age 92

Cigarettes and chocolate candy....

Fifty dollars at the grocery
Kept us all alive
She got dinner on the table
Every night at five
She sewed curtains

She sewed dresses
Painted pictures too
And she lay down
with a headache
every afternoon

Cigarettes and chocolate candy...

She'd get so angry/started yelling/drove the car away fast
Where’s mummy going?/I don’t know/She always comes back

Cigarettes and chocolate candy….